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talking to myself, evolving on purpose, by tanis mcrae

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Language: EnglishPublished: 2015 Tanis T McRaePublisher: Healing I books


This book is a result of a workshop I developed and taught for more than 10 years in my hometown of Grande Prairie, Alberta it was called “Awaken your Inner Healer” and its intent was to create independent healers who are dedicated to self-development and self-awareness.  This book is a self-propelled workshop that will inspire you to be your own healer, teacher and creator of your own wonderful life.  I knew you were ready so…

I wrote this book for you.

I knew you were seeking change and I felt your yearning for happiness and well-being.

So I wrote this book for you.

I knew you wanted somewhere to start your process of expansion, conscious evolution and most importantly you wanted to be the creator of this life and you want to feel empowered each and every day in the company of everyone.

So I wrote this book for you.

I knew that you knew this deep down, have always known, but in the process called living your life it seemed so elusive and perhaps a bit too new-agey and definitely most people will think you are weird!

So I wrote this book for you.

I knew you were sick and you were tired and that the burden of responsibility was weighing heavily on all parts of who you are.

So I wrote this book for you.

I knew you know that it is possible to truly heal your self and transform the dis-ease and illness that all the trauma, drama and experiences in your past have created in your body, mind and soul.

So I wrote this book for you.

And do you know why I knew this?

Because this is how I felt when my journey to self-mastery began and I reached out and grabbed hold of anything I could to be the creator of my life – my happy life!

I knew that once I had grasped it I could teach it to others and so I did, for 10 years I taught a workshop called “Awaken Your Inner Healer.” Then someone said you should write a book so other people can experience this awakening...

And so I wrote this book for you and I just knew you would find it.

So please in-joy this book. Experience yourself in every page and then go out there and create the most beautiful life – yours.

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