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Custom Mentor Program

I believe everyone is on a beautifully unique and personal human journey. 

A cookie-cutter, one size fits all type of mentoring program with structured techniques, predetermined exercises, and static session goals does not meet the unique needs of everyone, nor can it meet you where you are right now in your life. 

The program must fit you, not you trying to fit into the program. 

With that in mind, I invite you to create an intuitive mentoring program with me personally designed by YOU to meet the needs and desires of what you want to heal, expand, evolve, and create in your life to THRIVE!. 

Every program we create will meet whatever you need it to be, healing, transformation, support, self-awareness, and whatever else is currently in your way of succeeding.   If you are a holistic practitioner this is incredible support for you and ultimately your cliental, as we know, healer-  heal thyself first.

I am be honoured to be part of your self-awareness journey.

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