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A Little Q & A about 'Faith' for You today



If you were me, and you wanted to hold on to faith first- would you risk it all? Hold out until the buzzer? Or would you hedge your bets? Start sending out pleas? Operate from a place of fear and lack? I won't lie; that doesn't hold much appeal for me, and I feel so good otherwise, but this one is a real head-scratcher. Perhaps the universe's way of really asking me to step into what I preach... PC



The definition of faith to me is not putting all my faith into anything external.

Having Faith in ME is the most paramount!


When I have total faith in me then I have faith not only in the outcome but also in my ability to get myself there!


I will do this with guided action and careful consideration of all levels of creation, physical, metaphysical and energetic.

I have faith that I will solve the problems of the day and do whatever it takes to get myself exactly where I want to be and that I do not need to go into fear or lack to do so.


I can operate out of determination and faith and trust in myself to do what needs to be done.


If that means taking extra work to make ends meet then I resolve to ‘take spirit to work’ as I call it, which means that I can be happy, joyful and full of faith in everything I am doing as a job.


It is not what I am doing that is my focus it is who I am BEING while am doing it that matters.


So have faith in YOU and do whatever it takes to make yourself feel, acquire and demonstrate abundance and in the practical doing of that BE all those amazing things called faith, trust joy and ‘spiritual'!

© 2016 Tanis McRae


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