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Channel Your Inner Guidance

Are you ready to connect deeply with who you really are?


Allow us to help you make contact with the YOU that is struggling to be heard. ....The YOU that competes for your attention every moment with the day to day commitments and responsibilities of life.  


We can assist you in creating a channel through which your wisdom, compassion and joy can be expressed more fully in your life and perhaps the world.  


We will be exploring the depths of our mind, body and essence through both breath and channel writing.


The breath will relax and open up the body and your channel so you can have access to your expanded self.


Both the breath and writing allow the very essence of your life force to flow in a conscious way allowing for the magic of our expanded consciousness to simply carry us.


The answers that you seek are within you.

This a combination of Meditations, Information,  Ascension Breath and Channelling so you can enjoy a beautiful communication with your higher self, guides and teachers.

October 15 & 16, 2016
9 a.m. - 5 p.m. daily
Medicine Hat,  Alberta
Medicine Hat Lodge

Group Pricing- Because bringing a friend is the best!

$375 for 3 or More 
$400 for a couple
$420 for a single

A confirmation email will be sent when you have completed the registration form showing you how to pay your $100 Deposit that is required to hold your place.

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