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Host Your Own Book Oracle

What is a Book Oracle?

A book oracle is a great way to use the information I provided in my book, Talking To My Self ~ Evolving on Purpose, as a springboard for personal development, conscious awareness and expansion.  

We start with a meditation to set the energy and then take turns intuitively choosing a page from the book and then we relate it to what we are experincing in your lives right now.  This gives me a chance to assist you with a personalized intuitive message and allows you to transform the energy the oracle brings to light.  

It is a powerful and profound experince in just those few moments as we connect in the energy to shift our perspective.  As we move through each person's message the whole group holds and supports each other in the energy and this creates an even more profound experience.

So if you have a conscious book club, healing group or any kind of gathering this is a wonderful way to connect, heal, and support each other as you grow, evolve and expand.  

 The book oracle is done online through a program called Zoom, it is similar to Skype in that it is a free program to download but allows us to gather together in one place online.  We will get you oriented on it before and during the oracle event.

Online Book oracles are 2 hours and are a fee $20 per person which will be applied in the registration process. 

If you wish to do a book oracle in-person then prices vary depending on location. 

If you are interested in hosting a book oracle for your group please do not hesitate to connect with me or Rhonda via email.

Tanis McRae -

Rhonda Reichert - 

 I look forward to connecting with you soon!

What is an Oracle?
An oracle is a medium through which advice or prophecy is sought.
An oracle, be it a person or an object is something that we turn to to help us expand our understanding and gain clarity.
So whether you use oracle cards, a book, a person or prayer the function of an oracle is to bring you an answer to your internal questions and fulfill a personal need for more certainty.

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