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Let God into your heart?

Let God into your heart…
These were the words spoken yesterday at a memorial and as they were spoken I felt a deep clench and abiding anger flow through me. So then I did the next natural thing and I chastised myself for feeling that way.


I thought to myself, Tanis you know one of your deeply held beliefs is the acceptance or another’s belief even if you do not share it.


Well, I do share this belief. A belief in God and so why the anger, why the clench?


Later when I had time for reflection rather than beat myself up about my response I decided to consider it deeply and realized that each time I hear Let God, Jesus, or Love into your heart I clench...why?


As a healer people ask me if I believe in God a lot somehow assuming that in my function as an energy worker I have stepped outside of that belief for some unknown reason, my answer is always,


I believe there is only God.


That nothing else but God, Source, Essence, Energy exists.


So I realized when I hear Let God, Jesus, Love, etc. into your heart, in essence, I am being told that these things are not there, that they are absent.


If I ask you to please plug the lamp in what I am also telling you is the lamp is unplugged and the same holds true when I ask you to let something into your heart that is already there,




You do not have to let anything into your heart, it is already there.

Love is already there.

Joy is already there.

God is already there


So now what?


Now we allow ourselves to find it in us and then go ahead and choose it.


All of life is a series of choices.


Choose something that makes you feel joyful and loving and then keep choosing that again and again until it feels normal.


Let yourself choose who you are in every moment and then go ahead and honor that choice. If it creates a result you want choose it again if it doesn’t then make another choice and see what you create, then do that again and again.


Making a series of choices is what we call living life, I mean we are doing it anyway we might as well do it consciously with intention and on purpose.


We cannot know the result of a choice until we make it, so choice becomes experience and experience becomes wisdom!


You are already so wise, your life experiences have taught you immeasurable things.


So go ahead let choice into your heart.


It is already there.

Take Care of You
Much Love 

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