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Letting Go of Your Story

Canadian self-help author, intuitive teacher and workshop facilitator Tanis McRae encourages, inspires and teaches personal self-responsibility. She brings a teacher mentality to conscious expansion by encouraging and directing you to take back your power and consciously create the life you want to live. She sees many concepts with a fresh new perspective, which allows for effortless personal growth, self-empowerment and change. By bringing out the deeper truths that our expanding consciousness knows to be true we discover the distortion that the collective conditioning we experienced as children has buried deep under layers of fear and ignorance. When we take back and live as our true selves we are no longer subject to manipulation and being disempowered by others. Her book “Talking to My Self – Evolving on Purpose” is designed to inspire your expanding consciousness as well as serve as a catalyst for personal change. It allows you to reclaim who you are by moving away from suffering and managing the pain or people in your life, to becoming a confident conscious creator of your life through utilizing and expanding your personal intuition.

Letting Go of Your Story


“In order to experience what is happening in a way that preserves your happiness you will most likely have to drop your story.


Your story is all the data you have collected about what has happened to you in your life, and the reality that you have manufactured about the kind of person you and the other people are and how you all go to be that way.


Happiness will never be found in your story, only in your new and grandest version about yourself and others.”

Neale Donald Walsch said this in his book Happier than God, and its true.


Letting go of your story is scary!


Really scary, because you have very good, carefully constructed reasons for being the way you are and they are all valid.


But if it is happiness that you are wishing to create then you will have to let go of at least some of, if not all, of your story, because it limits your ability to create.

It makes boxes and boundaries that do not allow for a new and more amazing way to experience who you are.


Experiences are meant to be our wisdom not our identity, so use them for that.


Become a creative being and by that I mean choose in every moment who you would like to be rather than react to what is happening in your external world based on your story.


Respond rather than react.   Reaction is always about protection and defense not about creation.


What are you protecting and defending? Almost always we go into reaction because are attempting to avoid emotional pain and judgment, but emotional pain and self-judgment almost always follows reaction. So this becomes a perpetual loop. The only way to get out of that is to decide consciously who you would like to be in it. 

My favorite way to remind myself of this process is to say this to myself,


“What is happening is happening, but who I am in what is happening, is up to me.”


I know that the moment I choose who I want to be rather than react to the experience in an unconscious way that I will absolutely create my next moment!


I will create it – it won’t create me!


Because if you don’t decide who you are in the experience the experience will decide who you are!

Love Tanis
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