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Life Mastery Symposium

Congratulations ... You are awake! 

Yes, you are! You have become self-aware.
Aware of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your likes and your dislikes. In fact, you are constantly in self-observation of your internal world. You are no longer satisfied with looping patterns and the same old, same old results. You can see the direct connection between how you think and what you create, but you aren't yet creating everything that you want. With all this self-awareness, you feel more responsible for the outcomes than ever before.
High Five to YOU! 
You are right on track for LIFE MASTERY Training!
A training like no other on the planet. A training for awakened, embodied, conscious creators. A training for YOU!

What makes LIFE MASTERY TRAINING unique?
We show you the entire process of a human creating from the inside out, right through the body.

  • Did you know that your body is a sophisticated 3D projector that broadcasts the movie of your life? It is. We'll explain how that works through easy to understand physics, biology and energy anatomy.
  • We'll take that further to show you that the cells of the body are like films that hold genetic memory and experiences. These recordings shape the scenes and sets of your movie. We will show you how to edit the film, and program in desired backgrounds and outcomes. We'll show you how to access the subconscious mind and lay in desired beliefs.
  • Did you know that each of us has a unique Human Design that gives us our own natural way of interfacing with life, making soul-directed decisions, and understanding the world around us? We'll introduce you to all the designs and inspire you to fall in love with you, while building compassion toward others. We will teach you to know and honour your true self desires.
  • All of this naturally ties into the foundational Law of Attraction .. "what you focus on is what you create." We take that a little further to What you are BEING is What you are CREATING. We'll show you how the totality of your body, mind and soul sends instructions into the universe to attract what matches.
  • What you focus upon ultimately writes the scripts of your movie, and directs the scenes. We'll teach you how to make a Positive Mental Attitude a way of being so that life becomes a fun and positive expression of your greatest potentials.
  • Then we will wrap up as we guide and inspire you to create your OWN Personal Practice to live a life of mastery, consciously creating all that your heart and soul desire.

All this PLUS .. Delicious Meals, Exceptional Company and a Hypnosis Show!

Be part of something BIG!

MARCH 10-13, 2016
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