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Personal Intuitive Sessions

Sessions are available in person and through video/phone conferencing.
Monday to Friday at 10:00 - 1:00 or 3:00pm By Appointment Only
Weekends and evenings by special arrangement.
Sessions last 60-90 minutes and are an invesment of $160 cdn.

But seriously Tanis what happens there!?

You will make the appointment with an intent to get to the root of why you are not feeling good.  
Maybe you want to feel better in your relationships with others, or you want to move through personal challenges like anxiety, depression, addiction and a host of other things that cause people to seek assistance.

That is when the magic begins - when you decide to change how you feel! 

The moment you make that commitment our session begins and soon as you have made the appointment our energy will merge and you will begin to shift the density in your field.

Let me explain - I do not believe we are just the body. I believe we are the energy or life force that animates the body.
If you have ever seen a bird that is alive and bird that is dead, their bodies may appear to be the same but obviously one of them is going to fly away the other is not.  This means that the difference is that the life force energy in the bird that is alive is who and what the bird is.  We cannot see this life force in a tangible way but we can feel it and best of all experince it!

This life force is composed of energy and as you move through your life you acculmulate energy in the form of experinces.  Energy is not good or bad - it is heavy or light.  Heavy dense energy will affect you differently than light energy.  If I throw a rock at you you will experince it differently than if I throw air at

It is same with the energy in your auric field, the life experinces that you have accumulated affect you more tangibly if they are dense.  We cannot 'get rid' of this energy but we can transform it into a lighter, higher vibrating energy and that will affect you in a different more supportive way.

We will do that through conversation and energetic entrainment.  I keep my auric field very clear and vibrating high and fast this will assist you in moving the density.  We will also find what I call 'The Point of Origin' this is the moment when that density became a reality.  We will change the realtionship you have with this reality through a very personalized process.  

I do not have a specific series of steps in this process because you are unique individual and your experince is unique to you so how you shift and change it will also be unique.  I will tailor the process to match your energy perfectly and assist you to shift the density on the spot.

The result is that you will feel the absence of something that was once there.  

Where you felt pain you will feel peace, where you felt anxious you will feel balanced, where you felt angry you will feel happy. 

Because we have changed the density at a cellular energetic level you will just feel lighter and more balanced than you did when we started.

It is difficult to explain but oh so fun to experience so treat yourself to a session soon and come play in the energy with me.laughing

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