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Relaxation is the Key

Canadian self-help author, intuitive teacher and workshop facilitator Tanis McRae encourages, inspires and teaches personal self-responsibility. She brings a teacher mentality to conscious expansion by encouraging and directing you to take back your power and consciously create the life you want to live. She sees many concepts with a fresh new perspective, which allows for effortless personal growth, self-empowerment, and change. By bringing out the deeper truths that our expanding consciousness knows to be true we discover the distortion that the collective conditioning we experienced as children has buried deep under layers of fear and ignorance. When we take back and live as our true selves we are no longer subject to manipulation and being disempowered by others. Her book “Talking to My Self – Evolving on Purpose” is designed to inspire your expanding consciousness as well as serve as a catalyst for personal change. It allows you to reclaim who you are by moving away from suffering and managing the pain or people in your life, to becoming a confident conscious creator of your life through utilizing and expanding your personal intuition.

January has invited me to be STILL.


I mean very still, to truly let go of the strive and push forward in all ways and to instead welcome the moments as they flow through my day or as the saying goes "To chop wood and carry water."


For me, this really means in my mind - to stop striving to move forward or create something and instead just move forward organically and respond to whatever comes into my path.


It is a challenge to go completely into trust and faith of the self and know that you have everything you need already and that seeking is not necessary.


As you move through your day in this way you create things naturally and effortlessly.


The three most important ingredients to achieving this are,

  • Presence

  • Awareness

  • Relaxation

The most important of these is relaxation.  


Can you do all of your daily tasks in a state of relaxation?  


Can you answer the phone relaxed? Can you answer your emails in a relaxed state?  Can you buy your groceries, drive your car, talk to your family, run all of your errands and complete all of your daily tasks in a state of relaxation?


Relaxation is not resting, relaxation is a state you can invite your body into at any time. Do all of these things need to be performed in a state of tension? If they aren’t will you not get them done?


I challenge you to invite relaxation into your daily moments and see where it takes you.


Relaxation creates stillness and stillness is a great gift to the mind the body and the soul.


Stillness and relaxation are the hallmarks of the practice of Yoga Nidra – here is a link to a guided session by Calgary's Tanis Fishman (great first name! LOL)  I have found this practice to be abSOULutely wonderful!

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