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Stop Focusing on your Self Worth

Stop Focusing on your Self Worth

It’s a clever trap


I mean it!  Stop focusing on your worth right now – it isn’t creating the result you want – no matter how good or bad you feel about yourself it isn’t really working, let me explain why.


Self worth at its core must be an evaluative process; you must bring in other aspects to compare yourself to to make a judgment about where you are on the scale of self-worth.  So you will have to compare yourself to something or someone to get a result.  You may compare yourself to another…Danger!  You may compare yourself to who you were…Danger!  You may compare yourself to who you want to be…Danger!!!


In all of these aspects you have to evaluate yourself against something and whether you come out ahead or behind is of no consequence because it’s all bullshit.


You cannot compare yourself to anything!  Because you are your Self and yourself is in a constant state of transition from your cells to your thoughts to your life you are in constant perpetual motion and to take a finite moment from that process is unrealistic and erroneous. 


If you took a time-lapse photo of a flower blooming could you pick out one picture and say this is when the flower bloomed?  NO, you cannot, the flower blooms in stages just as you do.


All evaluation processes to determine your self worth are comparative, judgmental, create separation and by the time you have decided what you are then for the most part the process is long over and obsolete.


So now what? I’ve taken away your self worth hamster wheel so what do you use to define and decide self worth?


You use Self-Awareness.


Breathe that in for a moment – pause and let that notion sink in.


Who are you in this moment?  Do you agree with it or disagree with it?  If you agree with who you are being in this moment and you truly like yourself then go ahead and continue to be that.  If you don’t then seek to change that right now in this moment – smile, take a deep breath, nap, sing, dance, go silent, get loud, give something away, accept something do whatever you know or can in that moment to change how you feel about yourself, right now, in this moment.


Don’t let the time sucking, effort filled process of building your self-worth use up all your vitality and life force.


BE that life force and change who you are on the spot, consciously, mindfully, joyfully!


I mean why not! 


And then in every moment after that do it again and again until self worth is something you laugh at because it seems like a silly game humans play with one another for entertainment purposes only.


Self awareness is just becoming the observer of who you are being in any given moment and then choosing if you want to perpetuate that or not. 


Every. Single. Time


And in those moments when you are unaware of what you are being then celebrate because that is progress, when this happens then you are just being YOU naturally, joyfully and living out of who you are, who you really are.


That my friends, for what it’s worth, is Self.

In your quest for self awareness here some excellent resources I have used personally to know my Self better.

Have fun exploring YOU!

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Canadian self-help author, intuitive teacher and workshop facilitator Tanis McRae encourages, inspires and teaches personal self-responsibility.  She brings a teacher mentality to conscious expansion by encouraging and directing you to take back your power and consciously create the life you want to live.  She sees many concepts with a fresh new perspective, which allows for effortless personal growth, self-empowerment and change. By bringing out the deeper truths that our expanding consciousness knows to be true we discover the distortion that the collective conditioning we experienced as children has buried deep under layers of fear and ignorance.  When we take back and live as our true selves we are no longer subject to manipulation and being disempowered by others. Her book “Talking to My Self – Evolving on Purpose” is designed to inspire your expanding consciousness as well as serve as a catalyst for personal change.  It allows you to reclaim who you are by moving away from suffering and managing the pain or people in your life, to becoming a confident conscious creator of your life through utilizing and expanding your personal intuition. 

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