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Trust Your Intuition

Trust your Intuition

An Online Workshop

Watch for Dates in Fall of 2020

Gut Feeling?




Inner Knowing?

Second Sight?

Sixth Sense?



Call it what you will, we all have the ability to access our sixth sense.

Do you use it?

Trust it?

Act on it?

Or do you say, ‘that’s creepy’ or ‘that’s weird’ and disregard it?


You have 5 main senses that allow you to navigate and make sense of the world:

What if you spent some time and energy to develop the sixth one?

What would you find out about your world and yourself through it?


Imagine for a moment that we did not have the sense of hearing. Though we would get occasional experiences of sound, wouldn’t you want to explore the mystery of that phenomenon and see what insight and experience that would bring you? 


You can do this with your sixth sense. By expanding and growing your intuition, you can create a relationship with the information it provides you.  Then you can exercise and develop it like you would any muscle in the body.

A well-honed intuition makes life more effortless.  It allows you to be more certain, make decisions easier and trust yourself and others far more than when you disregard it or deny it as being weird or creepy or even a temporary phenomenon.


In this 4-week online course, I will help you create a solid foundation to further build trust in your sixth sense, inspire confidence in the information you are receiving, and allow your gift to expand and grow so that it becomes as essential to you as hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling.




In this course, you will:


·      Build a solid foundation from which to trust and refine your intuition

·      Learn to apply various tools to expand your intuitive abilities

·      Grow your abilities to interpret, understand and expand the information you receive

·      Gain confidence and comfort with the process of sharing your intuition with others

·      Explore and expand your natural abilities as an empath

·      Facilitate intuitive readings with each other

To register and purchase this course on my online studio please,

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