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Walking Through Shadow

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We speak of ‘bringing the light’ and ‘being the light’, but what does that mean?

How do we Be and Bring the light?

To see yourself as the light you must first be prepared to walk through the darkest parts of who you are.

Light is meant to shine through the darkness.

Illumination requires darkness to exist.

When we bring light to our shadows, we illuminate the incredible wisdom hidden there.


Penetrate Your Patterns of Suffering


We experience suffering when we allow childhood experiences, present circumstances, and the external world to decide who we are on the inside. By looking deeply into our own emotional suffering, we unlock the patterns that have kept us in cycles of internal suffering.


Our pain can compel us to change and transform. We must be bold and courageous to walk through our shadows. This courage and willingness allow our transformation to take us from victim into victor, from surviving to thriving.


Deeply, Meaningfully and Permanently Transform Your Cycles of Pain


We can transform our emotional suffering into personal wisdom.

For this to be possible, perspective and awareness are key. Often our pain patterns are so deeply embedded within us that we are largely unconscious of them. Even though they are not in our conscious awareness, they become cycles that continue to affect how we see, interact, and perceive the world and the people around us.

They keep us trapped in fear, blame, shame, and a state of victimization.


Exploring these cycles -in a safe and deliberate way- brings them back into our conscious awareness.  Once we have brought them into our conscious awareness, we can then collapse the cycle, and transform and recreate the pattern from a new perspective.


Extract Wisdom from Your Patterns of Pain


To collapse and transform these pain cycles, we must first walk through them, identify them, and become the observer of them rather than the ‘experiencer’ of them.


From this observer state, we can extract the wisdom they contain and then create our experiences from that newfound wisdom. Ultimately this deeply personal process prevents us from creating new unconscious patterns from past pain and trauma.


Rest in the knowledge that...


Fear is safe: It is a portal to change.

Suffering is safe: It is a portal to awareness.

Emotions are safe: They are portals to peace.


You will come to understand that by transforming any fear, suffering or emotional pain what you will experience is abSOULutely safe.

That in fact, these powerful components allow us to become the conscious creators of our lives.

Experience deep and intimate transformation.

Prepare to be vulnerable, authentic and transparent as we delve into the shadows of our consciousness,

The only way through.

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