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What does Hate Create?

Chapter 8 – Page 94-95


Nothing ties you to someone or something more completely than the negative emotion of hate. Many events and experiences have been motivated by this emotion. Hate is a massive energy drain.”


Think on it for a moment how much destruction and death hate has created over the course of our history…


Now imagine how much destruction that can cause inside your own body, mind and spirit.


People think because they have used hate to separate themselves from someone that that energy is gone… it isn’t. It is, in fact, stronger than it was before the separation.


Hate creates a bond of low dense vibration that will have a cumulative negative effect and eventually will corrode even the most healthy and happiest of human beings.


Hate can only be healed by love and forgiveness.


Love of the Self and Forgiveness of the Self inside you and By you!

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