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Your Life Isn't a Disney Movie

Your Life isn’t a Disney® Movie


What if there isn’t a villain in your movie? Then What?


What if you are not the victim? Then What?


It’s all neat and tidy when we know who the villain and victim are. The movies make it easy for us to identify the roles they play and perhaps ultimately who the winner will be.


Real life isn’t so neat and tidy or conclusive.


What if the people you have cast in the villain roles in your movie weren’t really the villains at all?


What if there were no victims or villains in your story? What if you just saw the pain everyone is experiencing? I am not saying that people don’t commit horrible acts, not at all. What I am saying is what if we didn’t continue to allow those acts to affect us in the same way they always have and instead choose how we want to feel right now?


Everyone is suffering some sort of internal pain, and how one interacts with people and circumstances in their world is always an extension of that internal pain.


I call it ‘outsourcing’ – when you look for an external thing to relieve you of your internal pain.


You hope that your spouse, parent, friend, enemy… will help you heal that pain. When that doesn’t work (and it rarely does) then we generally start using things to medicate it - things like alcohol, smoking, drugs, and other sources that help us to escape or create a new feeling.


This is like the story of the frog in the water. If you put a frog into cool water and heat it up slowly at a low heat, it doesn’t even notice that the water is getting hot enough to boil it until it’s too late. External substances are the same. Soon you need so much more to numb the pain and the pain still hasn’t been dealt with - in fact even more pain has been created.


Healing pain is a personal process and can only be relieved internally by the person feeling it.


The first step can be to go through your cast of characters and see what roles you have them playing and recast them into minor characters, allowing you to have that internal process so necessary to your health and happiness.


Maybe the best solution would be to make your Self the director, producer, main character, and creator of your life’s movie!


Oh, by the way….

Congratulations on your Oscar!

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