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  • Thank you Tanis. I appreciate the notes; it is nice to read what we talked about. I have been going over in my head, much of what you said. Thank you. I am feeling at peace thinking about my Dad; not guilty, nor ashamed. In fact, its about time I gave credit to all the extra-curricular learning I did during the university years…essentially I was lead to meeting my husband (yay!),which then took me to the path to meet (have) my children (my everything!). All the other stuff; it’ll come slowly. I have caught myself checking on my thoughts, my words and my actions and deciding if they are contributing to having a pretty good day. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Kindly, M.S.

  • Meet Tanis …

    Tanis McRae is a playful love bomb. Once you invite her to assist you, she jumps right into the center of your being and expands 360’ through your creation, reading whatever you are ready to see.

    Then she leads you to understand that what you are being is what you are creating, as she invites you to love it all. Once your awareness is clear, you then choose to shift what no longer serves you, while Tanis holds the field into which all of this magic takes place, watching and guiding the whole way.

    Tanis is an impactful teacher, an inspiring mentor, an effective healer and a total marvel in her own mastery. An hour with Tanis will not only blow your mind, it will change your life forever.

    - Angela Ditch, Author | Speaker | Teacher

  • You rock Tanis! Really working on everything and I can’t believe the difference it is making already.

    Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see you again.
    Cheers W.M

  • Thank you for the follow up notes!!! I have printed them off and have been reading them everyday so far, even twice a day. Thank You G.O

  • I need to talk really quick about my friend and mentor Tanis McRae. I've been blessed to have a number of great teachers on my path. But none has been more paradigm shifting than Tanis. Tanis is not only a great coach, she has gifts that go far beyond what the books and theories portend to teach. The only way to understand what Tanis does is to work with her one on one. I call it a 'swirly'; but the work we typically do allows her into my auric field so that she can identify the snags (from ego to misplaced energy) that are keeping me from aligning with my true potential. I won't lie- this retrograde had a hell of a tail on it. I thought I'd made it through scot free, only to really be knocked down by depression and some seemingly 'insurmountable' financial stuff this week. One text to Tanis, and she was there for my realignment, taking me through a gorgeous 20 minute guided meditation that helped ground me and reconnect Little Me to Big Me.

    If you're looking for a spiritual coach, or even just someone for a one off session - I can't speak higher of Tanis. Also, check out her book (fantastic) and some of the seminar work she hosts. I don't often do endorsements, pretty much never for products, but I always champion the Superheroes among us. Say hi to Tanis and book a session. You will never feel more self-empowered, grounded, or back on the path. Thank you for today, Tanis. You continue to amaze and inspire.

    Patrick Cronen /Actor/Writer/Producer

  • Thank you, precious friend, I feel much lighter and more grounded as well. It was a very powerful closure, and an even more powerful beginning... I am breathless yet breathing in my new sense of wholeness and oneness with source, and will honor that sense as I flow forward with this relationship. I will hold your words here close; they ring true. RG

  • Tanis, Thank you SO much. That actually makes sense to me. So many shifts and AH HAs happening and just where I feel I am, I feel more are coming. Time will do its magic. It has never felt concerning, just….different. Thank you for giving me some of your time : ) KG

  • Thank you Tanis! I was confused, I guess, when I left yesterday. The wording in your notes has helped me make so much more sense of what we did yesterday. I am so enormously grateful for the gift of you and for this incredible place I am at in this life...ST

  • Thanks so much Tanis, I really felt different after our session. I would like to come and see you again as I hope that my chronic back pain could be improved with work on “me.” Thanks again LG

  • Good morning and THANK YOU so very much for "telling me stories" and "talking to me." Do I ever feel a shift. It's awesome. When you explained the souls space it takes up and it coming into the body that was so AH HA for me. I feel so separate from my kids now and notice a big difference in the energies there that I HAVE. I have even noticed the difference in perspective I have when talking to my son. Consequences and where his feet are. In saying that I recalled when you wrote about that in a Guided Synergy Magazine and I must have reread that line over 20 times as it resonated with me instantly. To the point I made a decorative poster with it and have it hanging in my house, however until hearing it from you yesterday did it really sink in. So thank you. Just one thing if you could explain to me the reason you liked the sound of the grumbling stomach. You did explain it but at that point I was jello and filled with steam I didn't retain it. (your metaphors are the best) So blessed to have to met you, K

  • Thank you Tanis for the written summary. That is very helpful. We [My son and I] have been practicing it a bit. I notice his clearing of throat to disappear when he is spinning his energy, and then return as soon as he is done unfortunately. He does enjoy the singing bowl ritual we have established at bed time and reminded me 10 min after his bed time when I had forgot to ring it before leaving his bedroom tonight for him to sleep. He woke up through the night the first night we tried it, and even so, I think it will be a ritual that can grow stronger and become more effective as he associates it more with the intention of warding off bad spirits or releasing energy that are not his and or no longer serve his higher good!

  • Wonder if you have a few good books to recommend for me regarding vibrational parenting that you know of? As well as books that guide or teach manipulating energy, breath work and learning about intentions when using energy? I would like to be able to learn to tune into my son's energy and move his energy in ways that are supportive and help him remove or rid of unwanted energies that are not serving his higher good. Empower myself as his mother to be able to help him, on an energetic level too. I was amazed at your abilities and admire the work you demonstrated with him, and envy the empowerment you must have created for yourself as a mother and how your skills and gifts have helped you with your son in ways most mothers are not able to. Thank you, J

  • Hey there! Thank you so much for the notes. I had such a wonderful time with you last week and I wanted to say thank you again for sharing your knowledge and gift with me. I noticed on your website you have courses available. Do you have dates that they run for 2014? Let me know. Have a wonderful sun shiny week! Much love D

  • Hi Tanis. Thanks so much, for the follow up and attachment. It's very impactful and moving and has changed positively already. I will keep working on this with the intent to be fully done by Sunday and have forgiven completely the cause of my hurt/anger. I look forward to enjoying my own power and being authentic and in complete charge of my own energy (and not bother being concerned about others). This is such good timing in my life, and releases a lot of pain. It feels immensely better and was a large source of my anger to another old and trusted friend, for trying to come between so many of my personal relationships to serve her own ulterior motive. It really doesn't matter, as that's her stuff/her pain and fear. My stuff is to truly forgive, be in my own energy and be true to myself. Deep heartfelt gratitude, A M

  • Hi Tanis, I love the follow up notes, thank you so much, I am keeping some at work and some at home and I will read them over every time I am feeling out of sorts. Thank you for your kind words, your wonderful energy and for seeing me. DC

  • Tanis, Words fail me but I'm sure you can feel my depth of gratitude for your healing. I look forward to our family working more with you. The girls each got a pendulum and sure enough my daughter came to me with an answer to a question I just knew she’d ask; is her father coming back? Well again, to keep this brief so you can finish that vibrational parenting book that I'm first in line to buy, thank you, thank you, thank you; a bucket full of heartfelt thanks for sharing your gift with us and for the education. In grace and gratitude, CW

  • Thank you Tanis - for your attention and your follow up notes to remind me of what there is to gain from creating through authenticity, and that I have nothing to lose but illusions. Namaste JH

  • Tanis, last night was so freeing for me. Thank you isn't big enough word. I am grateful to have spent the time with you. I wanted to tell you Spike my little dog spent the entire day in the house until I got home at 8. Knowing I would arrive late I had expected him to have an were right he didn't. I laughed. As he played outside he had the biggest smile on his face. Amazing! Take care JK

  • Thank you so much! I am going to meditate on your messages. Thanking the universe for putting you on my path!! Love, AN

  • Hi my dear friend, I've felt waves washing over me ever since our session, gentle reminders of all that I am and all I'm here to do... I thank you for helping me to find the courage!!! And for sharing your wisdom. So glad we met! I love you, and hope this finds you well. With love, Rebecca xoxo

  • Thank you Beautiful Tanis with the FIERY SOUL, Twinkling Eyes and HEART that shoots streams of healing light!! I LOVED our session! I appreciate these notes!! I am SO excited to learn more from YOU!! I hope you consider putting together a workshop or event this year! <3 <3 With MUCH love KF

  • Thank you so much Tanis! These notes are absolutely wonderful and I'm printing them off as a lovely reminder. Thank you for an amazing experience yesterday. I'm feeling soo much lighter... and ready to spread around my positive aura :) I hope to see you in the near future! MP

  • Hi, Thank you again Tanis for a wonderful session, I've done lots of healing sessions etc. over the years, but yours affected me profoundly. I was crying telling my husband about it. I even had him crying on the other end of the phone, I was very startled when I started to visualize what you were doing, I've tried for years with visualization and have never been able to see anything so when the swirling light started appearing in my head it kind of freaked me out. I've started The Four Agreements and bought Conversations with God. I would be very interested if you find a spot to teach some courses in attending. I left your house knowing I want to be a healer or at least work towards healing myself and maybe be able to help others down the road. I think I've always known that deep down. LF

  • Good Afternoon Tanis, I have to tell you about my last few weeks. (We worked on Phobias) I wrote a speech for a wedding I am in and actually think I can read it out loud. I went to the dentist and didn't have anxiety, even with a child next to me gagging AND the dentist telling me I needed something done that required a scalpel.......ew! Then one of the ladies I work with, her puppy puked on the floor and I just went and cleaned it up.....even she was like......what the........! AND I signed up for a yoga instructor course, which I am super nervous but not enough to make me not go. I am not sure what is going on, all I can think of is you! It isn't that I didn't believe in you or your ability, I guess I just underestimated the power of moving energy!! I will keep you posted in my up coming successes. What a week, all that! Then we were leaving the farmers market a lady I work with threw up in the parking lot. Not only did I not want to run from her, I did not get the rush of fear or anxiety. I turned away to give her privacy then looked and oh nope she wasn't done then when we was I ran over and gave her a hug because she was so horribly embarrassed. I felt so bad for her and I was so thrill for myself. LOL She knows how big that was for me. Tanis I feel like new person, I played this over and over in my mind and I still can't believe it. Don't get me wrong I am not signing up to help people in the hospital or anything, one step at a time. :) This is SO HUGE for me!! I texted my Auntie, she is claustrophobic, BADLY. I said you HAVE to go see Tanis she can help you. I am overwhelmed with how grateful I am for you. Thank you, thank you! :) KZ

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