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If you want to evolve on purpose then it's time to awaken your awareness and

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transforming the trauma that keeps you trapped in pain and suffering.
And why not have some fun doing that!

Let's discover that inner divine being that's been waiting for you all along.
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Join me for my next show on Friday December 04, 2020, at 10 am PST and 1pm EST (11am MST, 12pm CST)

Most Recent Show - July 03, 2020
Celestial Clockwork ~ 2:00

On July 3, 2020, I am welcoming back a very special guest on my show, my Son Nik!

Nik McRae

Join us as we discuss how we grow and expand together in the flow of divine timing within the world of Celestial Clockwork.

At a young age, Nik started down his path of awakening and self-awareness, alongside his mother who showed him many different modalities and raised him with the knowledge of energy and intuition growing up. After some rough teenage years of addiction, disassociation, and identity crisis, he eventually realized the only way to embrace the light in life is to overcome and integrate your shadows. This led him down his personal trail of incorporating the studies of astrology and human design, along with other modalities he was raised with to further understand human nature and the celestial clockwork we are all a part of. Everything has its divine timing, and by mapping our mechanical design and movement of the planets, we can gain insight into the influences that drive our free will and how to respond to the energetic nuances associated with them.


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