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What is an Emotional Health Advocate?,

What is an Emotional Health Advocate?

With such a focus in our society on healthy living, it's a surprise that emotional health is rarely mentioned. Find out what an emotional health advocate is and how engaging with one can help you live your best life.Read More
La SabidurĂ­a de la Herida - The Wisdom of the Wound,

La SabidurĂ­a de la Herida - The Wisdom of the Wo...

Online course in two languages! Curso online en dos idiomas! Sanando Juntos - Healing TogetherRead More
Trust Your Intuition,

Trust Your Intuition

Our Intuition is the most vital tool we have for conscious living. Let's build a foundation of trust in this sixth sense.Read More
Walking Through Shadow,

Walking Through Shadow

To transform patterns of suffering, the only way Through.Read More
Sensitivity as a Superpower,

Sensitivity as a Superpower

Learn to use your emotional sensitivity to your advantage and claim it as your true power.Read More
Dreams Do Come True,

Dreams Do Come True

But not in a way you can predict...Thank GoodnessRead More
Keeping Still Mountain Retreat,

Keeping Still Mountain Retreat

Retreat to the Rockies May 31st, June 1st, & 2nd 2019 Stillness is truly felt in the presence of a mountainRead More
Divine Spark Video Meditation,
Divine Spark,

Divine Spark

This guided meditation visualization is a gift from me to you. Enjoy the process of becoming your divine spark!Read More
Be Where Your Feet Are - The Workshop,

Be Where Your Feet Are - The Workshop

A Workshop about Relaxing into the moment.Read More
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