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Keeping Still Mountain Retreat,

Keeping Still Mountain Retreat

Retreat to the Rockies May 31st, June 1st, & 2nd 2019 Stillness is truly felt in the presence of a mountainRead More
Trust Your Intuition,

Trust Your Intuition

Our Intuition is the most vital tool we have for creating a life of thriving. It's time to build a foundation of trust in this sixth sense.Read More
Divine Spark,

Divine Spark

This guided meditation visualization is a gift from me to you. Enjoy the process of becoming your divine spark!Read More
Be Where Your Feet Are - The Workshop,

Be Where Your Feet Are - The Workshop

A Workshop about Relaxing into the moment.Read More
Host Your Own Book Oracle,

Host Your Own Book Oracle

Book Club? Healing Circle Group? Check this out!Read More
Letting Go of Letting Go,

Letting Go of Letting Go

It's the same only different!Read More
Relaxation is the Key,

Relaxation is the Key

Let's Have a Conscious Conversation Do you know what relaxation really is?Read More
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