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Relaxation is the Key,

Relaxation is the Key

Let's Have a Conscious Conversation Do you know what relaxation really is?Read More
Letting Go of Your Story,

Letting Go of Your Story

Let's Have a Conscious ConversationRead More
Jealousy is not Love,

Jealousy is not Love

Let's Have a Conscious ConversationRead More

An 'Effortless 'Meditation

Enjoy a guided meditation that focuses on letting go of struggle and welcoming in Effortlessness.Read More
Channel Your Inner Guidance,

Channel Your Inner Guidance

This workshop has been postponed - please check back later for updates!Read More
A Little Q & A about

A Little Q & A about 'Faith' for You today

Question: If you were me, and you wanted to hold on to faith first- would you risk it all? Hold out until the buzzer? Or would you hedge your bets? Start sending out pleas? Operate from a place of fear and lack? I won't lie; that doesn't hold much a...Read More
Flowing blue lines
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