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Host Your Own Book Oracle,

Host Your Own Book Oracle

Book Club? Healing Circle Group? Check this out!Read More
Stop Focusing on your Self Worth,
Letting Go of Letting Go,

Letting Go of Letting Go

It's the same only different!Read More
Let God into your heart?,
Relaxation is the Key,

Relaxation is the Key

Let's Have a Conscious Conversation Do you know what relaxation really is?Read More
About Tanis,
Letting Go of Your Story,

Letting Go of Your Story

Let's Have a Conscious ConversationRead More
Jealousy is not Love,

Jealousy is not Love

Let's Have a Conscious ConversationRead More

An 'Effortless 'Meditation

Enjoy a guided meditation that focuses on letting go of struggle and welcoming in Effortlessness.Read More
Channel Your Inner Guidance,

Channel Your Inner Guidance

This workshop has been postponed - please check back later for updates!Read More
Flowing blue lines